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Common Queries

Do you sell Full AKC Registration?

Yes! We are proud to support and promote responsible breeding that improves on the breed. While we understand not every puppy produced is breeding or show quality, we are happy to work with like-minded breeders who are interested in puppies that are. After a conversation about your program and standards, we're happy to discuss adding one of our puppies to your program.

Do you have a contract I can review?

Yes! We have a page dedicated to our contract for you to review.

How do I pay for my puppy?

We accept cash, Venmo, or Zelle for payment of puppies. We do not accept cashier checks, personal checks, or money orders. Payment in full is expected at time of pickup/when your puppy is 8 weeks old.

Do you offer a Genetic Guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 1 (One) year Genetic Guarantee with every puppy we produce. Our guarantee is outlined in our contract.

How do I hold my puppy until it's 8 weeks old?

We accept a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold the puppy of your choice until they're 8 weeks old and ready to go to their new homes. We accept cash, Venmo, or Zelle for this payment. The deposit does go towards the total puppy price.

Will my puppy come vaccinated/vet checked?

Yes, our puppies see our vet at 2-4 days old for a general wellness exam and will be examined and vaccinated by the vet at 8 weeks old before going to their new homes. We also de-worm all puppies bi-weekly starting at 2 weeks of age.

Can I come see the puppies?

Due to growing safety and health concerns for our family and pets, we no longer allow visitors to our home. While we are more than happy to video call/FaceTime/and communicate with you in any way, we no longer feel it is safe to for our pets or ourselves to allow people into our home. We raise our puppies inside our home, we have no kennel or outside buildings where they are housed. We are more than happy to provide references and to let you speak with our vet but if coming to our home is something non-negotiable for you, we are not the right family for you.

Do you allow your puppies to be shipped?

Yes, we allow ground shipping with a certified shipping person/company and for your puppy to fly with you or a flight nanny. We do not allow cargo shipping. We are also happy to meet you 1 hour from our home in any direction free of charge. Shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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