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Available Studs

On this page we have our current males we are offering up for stud services to approved females only. All of our available males have been panel tested and we are working diligently to complete their OFA testing. All of our studs are offered up for AI mating ONLY. We do not offer live cover. Only females with completed health testing will be approved. We are Doodle friendly!​

Prices are listed for each individual male, per straw. We guarantee at least one live pup with every mating or we will provide a straw for the female's next heat cycle at no cost aside from shipping. ​​

We require veterinarian testing throughout the bitch's heat cycle to ensure we are providing the straw at the optimal fertilization window.

AKC Lotta Spots HeiHei Now I'm a Rockstar

HeiHei is a Minimal white, standard AKC Blue Merle Australian Shepard. HeiHei is a bit more reserved with a low herding drive. He has a wonderful, thick coat and a nice, blocky head. His pedigree and health testing information can be found in the gallery above. HeiHei is tested through Embark and is panel tested clear.

AKC King Louis XIV Of DadBurn

Louis is an AKC Standard Poodle male. He has an extremely laid back and easy going temperament. Louis has a clear health panel through Wisdom panel which can be found following the link below:

AKC Lowcountry's Ady Roses Red Sir Simba

Simba is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! He loves to snuggle up next to you on the couch, he doesn't let anyone check the mailbox alone, and he is always ready to go for a trip either down the road or across country. Simba is five pounds and comes from four generations of Red and Apricot ancestors. Simba is tested through Embark and carries one copy of IVDD.

AKC FDR Adams' Hondo Lane

Hondo is an AKC Registered Blue Merle Miniature American Shepherd. Hondo is from a strong herding line and both of his parents are Elite Grand Champions with ASDR. Hondo is genetically clear through parentage. Hondo is very smart and very busy. He likes to "help" on the farm but still likes to come in and lounge on the bed. Hondo is also ASDR registered.

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